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Rising Star - Manager Program at a Glance

The business environment will look very different in the future. A new breed of emotionally intelligent leaders and managers will be needed to steer their organisations through enormous change. Here’s how you can help yourself to prepare.

Sometimes it’s hard to escape the impression that change is in the air. Now is one of those times. For businesses, of course, change is the status quo. But right now, something more fundamental is at play. We’re seeing a transformation of the global business environment, the relationships between firms and their stakeholders, and everyday working practices.

The upshot is that the way organisations – and people – are led and managed will need to be very different in the future. A new brand of leadership will be required, which will demand high levels of emotional intelligence (EI) from those tasked with leading and managing others

The skills, behaviours, abilities and training your new managers
need to be effective after appointment of Rising Star
  • 6 two day modules
  • Six practical secondments or projects to embed learning and help develop the business as well
  • Development of the delegates at a personal, management and commercial level
  • Delivery by UK business trainers with significant experience of training newly appointed managers, company owners and managers of all levels
Building a Learning Organisation



Managing, meeting and if possible exceeding learning organisation expectations is one of the most difficult

- and often frustrating - aspects of management.

Building a Learning Organisation 
  • Do you sometimes wonder if your organisation has the capacity and capability to meet the challenges of the coming years?
  • Do you feel that you do not use fully the talents you have in your organisation?
  • Do you wish that it was your teams that came up with the improvement ideas rather than them always coming from the top?
  • Do you want everyone in your organisation to embrace and be committed to change? 
 At the day >>>                              Meet the trainer >>>

Mindfulness at the Workplace




“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way;

 On purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • Are you operating at peak performance? 
  • Do you have trouble focusing and staying on task?
  • Do you find yourself getting stressed and overwhelmed by the pace of modern life?
  • Would you be interested in knowing more about a simple, effective way of managing these pressures, and enhancing your wellbeing and performance? 
Developing your secular Mindfulness is one way to address all of those questions and a lot more.
A wide range of major world organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors have introduce mindfulness projects within the past few years.
Google, Apple, Yahoo!, eBay, Procter&Gamble, Bosch, Beiersdorf, PricewaterhouseCoopers, GlaxoSmithKline, Aetna, General Mills and many other companies give evidence that bringing mindfulness to the workplace decreases employees’ stress levels and improves their focus, clarity, decision-making skills, and overall happiness and well-being. Mindfulness works as a strategy to improve performance and productivity in the workplace.
Can you afford not to find out more?   
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Posjetite prvi specijalizirani web portal za procjenu stupnja razvijenosti kompetencija zaposlenika i otkrijte nove izvještaje !

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 Targeted Development Programe   



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Dvije godine zaredom glavni smo nositelji projekta obrazovanja djelatnika turističkog sektora u organizaciji Hrvatske turističke zajednice

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Svečana dodjela diploma drugoj generaciji korporativne akademije PBZ poslovna škola.

Finale trogodišnjeg programa PBZ Poslovne škole za drugu generaciju diplomanata, njih 140, bila je svečana dodjela diploma održana 3. ožujka u Modernoj glaeriji u Zagrebu. Samoj svečanosti prisustvovao je visoki menadžment Banke i gosti predavači edukacijskog partnera Janus PIM.

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Akademija Hrvatske pošte
Nakon ostvarenih zavidnih pozitivnih rezultata  reorganizacije i restruktuiranja poslovanja na divizije Pošta, Mreža i Ekspres, Hrvatska pošta d.d. pokreće sustavan razvojni program razvoj ljudskih resursa.
U suradnji s Uredom za upravljanje ljudskim resursima organizirali smo Akademiju Hrvatske pošte, razvojni program menadžerskih vještine za  Izvršne direktora, i razvojni program menadžerskih vještine za Voditelja područja sve tri divizije.


Janus PIM d.o.o.

Slunjska 38
10110 Zagreb
tel:    +385(1) 301 36 83
fax:   +385(1) 364 08 20
e-mail: info@janus-pim.hr


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